Sonny's Porch is a respite for traveling bands looking to get off the road to ride some waves, eat some food, shoot some pool, or just crash for a few hours. If they feel like playing some music on our back porch... we're stoked.


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The Jacuzzi Boys dropped by over the weekend for some nine ball and piña coladas before killing it with the loudest electric session yet on Sonny’s Porch. 

We really connected with the beach/punk vibe of the Miami trio who opened up with some great new songs including “In the Streets” & “Domino Moon” plus some fan favorites like “Glazin”, “Island Avenue”, and “Double Vision”. The crazy energy beach jam left everyone on the porch with a stupid grin and a ringing in their ears.

Afterwards, we hung out with the guys to get some signatures, vinyls, and a few more beverages before they headed out for another gig in Orlando.

Jacuzzi Boys consists of Danny Gonzales, Diego Monasteri and Gabriel Alcala. Awesome dudes, that are welcome to stop by anytime.

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